Rabbit and Goat Monoclonal Antibody Service using B Cell Cloning Technology

RevMAb offers a number of different rabbit and goat monoclonal antibody development and production services. We develop monoclonal antibodies directly from the isolated B Cells of immunized animals using our proprietary technology. The B cells are grown in 96-well plates and their supernatants are screened to identify the B cell clones that produce antigen specific antibodies for desired applications. The antibodies are recombinantly produced by cloning their H and L chain cDNAs and expressing them in mammalian cells. Our technology has so far been successfully applied to produce a various range of antibodies with high specificity and affinity for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic use. Please contact us for more information.

Custom Services

Custom Antibody Development

  • Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
  • Methyl/Acetyl/Phosphorylation Antibody 
  • Point Mutation Specific Antibody
  • Anti-Idiotype Antibody 
Fast protocol: 8-12 weeks
Regular protocol: 4-5 months
Antibody Production and Characterization

  • Transient Expression
  • Stable Expression
  • Antibody Characterization
Assay testing service: Luminex Multiplex, Flow Cytometry, ELISA, IHC, ICC, IF, and IP  
Antibody Engineering

  • Chimeric Antibody Construction and Production Service
  • Mouse And Rabbit Antibody Humanization Service
  • Therapeutic Antibody Service
For More Information Email: info@revmab.com or Submit an Inquiry