Anti-Human IgG1 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody, Clone RM117


Rabbit monoclonal to Human IgG1

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Product Details
Product NameAnti-Human IgG1 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody [RM117]
Product DescriptionRabbit monoclonal to Human IgG1
Catalog No.31-1019-00
Clone NameRM117
Product Data SheetAnti-Human IgG1 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Data Sheet RM117
SpecificityRM117 reacts to the heavy chain of human IgG1. RM117 does not cross react to any other IgG subclasses (IgG2, IgG3, or IgG4), and shows no cross reactivity to IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE. RM117 does not react to monkey (Cyno or Rhesus) IgG, mouse IgG, rat IgG, or goat IgG.
ImmunogenPeptide corresponding to the hinge region of Human IgG1
ApplicationImmunohistochemistry (IHC)
Flow Cytometry (FC)
Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
Species ReactivityHuman
Intended UseResearch Use Only
Storage InstructionsStore at -20.0°C
StabilityStable for 1 Year at -20.0°C from date of receipt
Storage Buffer50% Glycerol/PBS with 1% BSA and 0.09% sodium azide
Volume/Item Size100ug
Concentration1.0 mg/mL
PurityProtein A affinity purified from an animal origin–free culture supernatant
Clone TypeMonoclonal
IsotypeRabbit IgG
UsageELISA: 50ng/well – 200ng/well (for Capture);
0.05ug/mL – 0.2ug/mL (for Detection);
Immunocytochemistry (ICC): 0.5ug/mL-2ug/mL;
Immunohistochemistry (IHC): 0.5ug/mL-2ug/mL.
Product Images

Detection of human IgG1 in monkey serum, using
RM117 (capture) and biotin-RM129 (detection)
as a Sandwich ELISA pair. HRP conjugated
streptavidin and TMB were used to yield the
colorimetric reaction.


Sandwich ELISA using RM117 as the capture
antibody, and biotinylated anti-human light chains
( κ+ λ) antibody RM129 as the detection antibody,
followed by an AP conjugated streptavidin.


ELISA showing RM117 reacts only to human IgG1,
and not to any other IgG subclasses (IgG2, IgG3,
or IgG4), and no cross reactivity to IgM, IgA, IgD,
IgE, mouse IgG, rat IgG, or goat IgG.


A titer ELISA using RM117. The plate was coated
with different amounts of human IgG1. A serial
dilution of RM117 was used as the primary antibody,
followed by an alkaline phosphatase conjugated
anti-rabbit IgG as the secondary antibody.


ELISA showing RM117 does not react to monkey
IgG. The plate was coated with Rhesus monkey IgG.
A serial dilution of RM117 and a monkey IgG binding
antibody (positive control) was used as the detection

Immunohistochemical staining of FFPE Tonsil tissue
sections using Anti-Human IgG1 antibody RM117
at a 1:15,000 dilution.

Image courtesy of Shaomin Hu, MD, PhD,
Department of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.
Montefiore Medical Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Bronx, New York, USA

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